Giving dolls of color to girls of color, globally

Beauty Gap is a 501(c)3 organization that aims to  make a difference in the lives of girls of color around the world.

Through the collection and distribution of dolls of color, the Beauty Gap initiative believes that having access to dolls that affirm every girl's God-given features can play a powerful role in shaping one's self love and self confidence.

The Name & The Charge

The Beauty Gap initiative seeks to give dolls of color to children of color around the world.

In Africa, a gap between a woman's two front teeth is considered the standard of beauty, and is known as the "beauty gap".

While living in Ghana the summer of 2009, Beauty Gap founder, Amber Koonce, realized that none of the young girls she saw throughout the country carried dolls that looked like themselves.

By providing dolls of color for these young girls to adore, Beauty Gap seeks to promote the affirmation of every child's God-given features in a world where they are not usually celebrated.